Our oil cleanser is packed with moisturizing, nourishing, organically sourced ingredients that will leave your skin soft and fresh while providing you with a rejuvinating, oil cleansing skincare experience.

Are you tired of buying multiple expensive products that don't work and are full of ingredients that are unnatural and causing less than impressive results? Are you done with getting your advice from giant, corporate skincare companies that lack transparency and are unapproachable? Do these types of products make the skin care routine feel more like a chore than an enjoyable experience? Our oil-based products have fruity and invigorating aromas and give a delectable feeling on the skin, like getting a facial massage on the beach in the tropics, which allows the client to enjoy their daily skin care routine.

Bare Reflection
First Step, Oil Based
Facial Cleanser

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A simple yet luxurious oil cleanser that gently removes impurities, dirt, excess oil and makeup in a unique formulation that is non-comedogenic and won't damage your skin's natural barrier. This oil cleanser works to remove everything the skin doesn’t need and keep what it does need: softness, moisture and nourishment. This unique, deep cleansing oil skin care product features organic, skin-loving oils with power packed properties coming together to create an easy to use skin care product that glides on effortlessly and rinses away clean, leaving the skin feeling clean, smooth and soft after your regular skin care routine.

INGREDIENTS (100% Organically Sourced):
Safflower oil, Hempseed oil, Maracuja oil, Tamanu oil, Castor oil, Pomegranate oil, Vitamin E Tocopherol



STEP ONE: During your night time skin care routine, remove the day’s buildup by applying a small amount of oil in dry hands. Evenly massage oil onto dry face and neck in an upward motion, making sure to get the entire face and hairline areas. This will break up dirt, oil and makeup. Do not pull or tug on the skin. No aggressive scrubbing or rubbing is necessary. Next, using your finger tips glide product gently across the entire eye area and lips to remove makeup.


STEP TWO: Massage face for up to 15 minutes for a deep cleaning and pampering experience...
perfect time for some self care!


STEP THREE: Heat up a soft facial cloth with hot water and squeeze the excess water from the rag. The wash cloth should be hot, but not scorching. Place the hot cloth over your entire face with your neck tilted back slightly. Leave the cloth in place and press lightly against the skin to allow the steam to penetrate and add to the deep cleaning of the pores.


STEP FOUR: Remove the cloth and using the opposite side if the cloth, gently wipe the face clean. Rinse the cloth under warm water, squeeze excess water out, and wipe the entire face area again to remove any excess residue. Immediately follow up with your regular cleanser that is specific to your skin's needs.

NOTE: When first starting to use this product you may experience an increase in whiteheads or blackheads, this is normal and is a sign that the cleanser is working properly. If the pimples continue for more than 2 weeks, discontinue use.

You need an oil cleanser, and it needs to come first.

The best way to remove excess oil, dirt and makeup is actually an oil based facial cleanser. You may be thinking that oil cleanser is the last thing that would do your skin care routine any favors. What you may not know is, water-based cleansers (the ones with a cream, gel or foam texture) strip the skin of all its good, natural oils along with the dirt and impurities. Oil based cleansers won't leave your skin feeling tight and dry after using them (like those generic water-based cleansers do).  By oil cleansing with Bare Reflection's Facial Cleansing Oil as your first step facial cleanser skin care product you are setting a protection barrier for your following step, while also removing multiple layers of daily buildup. You will see for yourself that the results, benefits and advantages to including an oil cleanser as the first step to your skin care method come fast and bountiful.

Our oil cleanser makes a fantastic addition to your existing natural skincare routine because for a second step, water based skin care product to work at its best, your skin must be free of the pore-clogging oils and other oily dirt. Traditional water based facial cleansers are designed to remove only the water based dirt and leave much of the oil based dirt and debris on the skin, trapping it all inside your pores. Starting your skin care routine with a cleansing oil works on the simple principle that: like dissolves like. An oil cleanser will break up and lift other oils such as the excess natural oil our skin produces on its own which is called sebum. Many traditional water-based cleansers leave the skin completely stripped of these natural oils, causing the skin to then overproduce sebum to compensate, which can result in even more acne and other various skin care issues.


Add to your natural facial oil production the sunscreens, products and makeup we use daily that also contain pore clogging oils. An oil cleanser lifts and cleans away oils from clogged pores and removes dead skin, makeup and pollutants from the skin. Adding our oil cleanser to your skin care routine will mean that you are removing everything the skin doesn't need and leaving the beneficial, nourishing, skin-loving oils that your skin does need for hydration and overall health.

Oil cleansing can help lock in hydration and can also help balance the chemistry of your skin and its oil production rates. Introducing an oil cleanser as the first step in your night time skincare routine is great for most skin types and will help ensure that your follow up products of choice will penetrate better into the layers of skin instead of just sitting on top of your skin.


Our oil-based facial cleanser will bring back that supple, dewy glow!!

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