As counter productive as it may sound, face oil is one of the best skin care products that you can add to your skin care routine. Not all face oil formulations are created equal. Some face oil skin care products actually work together with your natural skin oil. Face oil keeps the layers of your skin soft, hydrated and protected from allergens and pathogens. Face oil helps to balance natural skin oil production, reduce breakouts, heal the skin, lock in hydration and seal in moisture. Face oil keeps water from escaping the skin and prevents the environment from stripping your skin of its water, which will cause the skin to feel dry, irritated and dehydrated. That dryness can then cause the skin to overproduce sebum and cause breakouts. Although they have some skin hydrating properties, face oil skin care products are not moisturizers. They are not meant to replace the moisturizer skin care product of your skin care routine, but to to work with your moisturizer to seal in all the incredible ingredients and moisture that your previous skin care products and moisturizer provide. They add soft, nourishing renewal to your skin care routine. face oil skin care products add their own individual and unique properties to your skin care routine. The great thing about a good face oil is the versatility. A few drops of face oil can be added to your favorite moisturizer or serum. Face oil can be used as a primer before applying makeup, especially during dry and cold months. Allow the face oil to sink into the skin before applying your foundation for a natural, hydrated, radiant glow. Or simply apply over your nightly skin care routine to lock in the hydration while adding antioxidants, antibacterial, soothing, nourishing properties to the skin while you rest.