Luxurious Face Oil Skincare Method for deep cleansing and nourishment using Exotic Beauty Face Oil

 Bare Reflection products are designed with versatility and multi-functionality in mind. Bare Reflection Exotic Beauty Face Oil is perfect for a daily, deeply nourishing facial treatment, plus, various other applications. To get the most out of this product, use the method described below up to 2 times per week for a supple, dewy glow!


STEP ONE Add a small amount of Exotic Beauty Face Oil in dry hands and rub together gently to warm the oil. Massage oil into dry face and neck. This is a great time to give your face some tender loving care as massaging the face relaxes muscle tension, improves the texture of the skin, helps remove dead skin cells, and aids in lymphatic drainage.


STEP TWO: Saturate your favorite wash cloth in hot water (making sure it’s not too hot for your face). Squeeze the excess water from the cloth and place it over your entire face (tilt the head slightly back while the cloth is on top). The steam from the wash cloth will help the oil penetrate the skin, cleaning out the pores and leaving your skin clean and soft. Let it sit until the wash cloth is no longer warm.


STEP THREE: Remove the cloth and gently wipe the face and neck in an upward motion to remove any residue. If you are wearing makeup, add a few drops more of the oil into the face and repeat with warm wash cloth.


STEP FOUR: Use your regular cleanser after doing this to get an even deeper clean. Always following up with a gentle second step cleanser will remove bad bacteria from your face and help clear blemishes away.


STEP FIVE: Follow up with a moisturizer (plus a toner if desired) and apply sunscreen if it is daytime. Then massage a pea sized amount of the face oil all over the face and neck. Your skin will feel hydrated, soft and nourished.


NOTE: Clean your face rags with natural soaps and detergents. Instead of using fabric softener, add a half cup of baking soda to the wash cycle and white vinegar to your rinse cycle.