Our Face Oil is designed to be versatile and multi use. Apply this skin care product as part of a night time routine, as part of your morning makeup routine, or as a beneficial addition to your regular skin care routine.

Are you tired of buying multiple expensive products that don't work and are full of ingredients that are unnatural and causing less than impressive results? Are you done with getting your advice from giant, corporate skincare companies that lack transparency and are unapproachable? Do these types of products make the skin care routine feel more like a chore than an enjoyable experience? Our oil-based products have fruity and invigorating aromas and give a delectable feeling on the skin, like getting a facial massage on the beach in the tropics, which allows the client to enjoy their daily skin care routine.

Bare Reflection
Exotic Beauty
Face Oil


Our nourishing face oil is designed to work with your skin’s natural oils. Each of the 10 oils in this unique product has been extensively researched, tested and selected for their amazing properties and skin-loving benefits. This is a power-house of beneficial oils all coming together in a luxurious, vitamin and antioxidant rich, nourishing face oil. This is a great addition to almost all skin care routines for achieving and maintaining beautiful, radiant, healthy skin.

INGREDIENTS (100% Organically Sourced):
Passionfruit Oil, Rosehip oil, Strawberry seed oil, Tamanu oil, Pomegranate seed oil, Seabuckthorn oil, Vitamin E Tocopherol, Turmeric Root Oil, Geranium Oil



Product can be used day or night and should be applied after serum and before thick textured moisturizers or after lightweight moisturizers. Apply 3-4 pumps, enough to cover your face and neck (add an additional 1-2 drops if you want to cover your décolleté) into the palms of clean hands and rub together gently to warm the product. With a gentle pressing motion, move over entire face and neck and continue to massage gently.  If using in the morning, allow product to absorb before applying makeup or sunscreen. 

It's not a moisturizer, it's a multi-use face oil 

The great thing about a good face oil is the versatility. A few drops of Exotic Beauty Face Oil by Bare Reflection Skin Care can be added to your favorite moisturizer or serum. It can also be used as a primer before applying makeup, allowing it to sink into the skin before applying your foundation will achieve a natural, hydrated, radiant glow. Or it can be simply applied over your favourite moisturizer as part of your night time skin care routine to lock in the hydration while adding antioxidants, antibacterial, nourishing and soothing properties to the skin while you rest.  

The oils and lipids made by our skin help prevent water loss from our skin, water which it needs to keep hydrated. Bare Reflection's nourishing Face Oil keeps that water from escaping the skin. Facial Oil also helps prevent the environment from stripping your skin of that water and causing your skin to feel dry, irritated and dehydrated, which is a special concern during those cold, dry months. That dryness can then cause the skin to overproduce its natural sebum oil to compensate for lack of water and hydration, which then causes breakouts.

As counter productive as it may sound, adding oils to the skin can be the best thing that ever happened to your skin. However, not all oils are created equal. Some oils like the ones used in the Bare Reflection Face Oil skin care products, work together with the naturally produced oils in your skin. Our nourishing face oil keeps the layers of your skin soft, hydrated and protected from allergens and pathogens. The carefully selected and tested oils help balance your natural oil production, reduce breakouts, heal the skin, lock in hydration and seal in moisture.


Although they have wonderful skin hydrating properties, natural face oils are not moisturizers. This Face Oil is not meant to replace your favourite moisturizer, but instead is designed to work with your other skin care products to amplify and seal in all the incredible, beneficial ingredients and moisture that your already existing natural skin care products and moisturizer provide. Think of face oils as the supporting actors, not the lead role. They add soft, nourishing renewal to the skin as well as their own individual and unique properties to the skin.


Aside from a lack of hydration, many people also struggle with other skin issues like hyperpigmentation, inflammation, blemishes, signs of aging, excessive oiliness and dryness, this facial oil works to improve on all of those and too many more of the various skin care issues that so many of us are facing.

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